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Warm weather is headed our way and so are the ticks!

As winter starts to thaw out and spring begins to show a few signs of its green life, we begin to think about our summer days spent outside venturing into the woods or sitting by the fire late into the evening. But what we often forget to think about are those tiny pests lurking in the tall grass, waiting for their next victim. That’s right, we’re talking about ticks.

In Minnesota we don’t start to think about ticks or mosquitoes until the sun starts to warm up the air around us. But unfortunately, it doesn’t take the air warming up for ticks to start thinking about us.

Deer ticks are not killed by freezing temperatures, and while other ticks enter a feeding dispause as day-lengths get shorter, deer ticks will remain active any winter day that the ground is not snow-covered or frozen.

Mosquito Squad of North Central Minnesota has already received reports from customers that they’ve seen ticks tracked in by their cats and dogs. As your trusted mosquito and tick control company, we never like to hear this so early in the season.

We utilize an effective blend of our barrier treatment and tick tubes to eliminate ticks before they can get to you. Our traditional mosquito control treatment kills adult ticks on contact and leaves a residual treatment that will eliminate up to 95% of the tick population in your yard.

The second part of the blended treatment are the tick tubes. Tick tubes rely on the natural nesting instincts of mice and deliver a tick-controlling insecticide directly to the nest. Tick tubes are made of biodegradable tubes with treated cotton inside. When tick tubes are placed in their environment, mice collect the cotton for bedding. Most ticks get their first blood meal from mice. Ticks are exposed to the treatment directly from the cotton and indirectly from the mice, effectively eliminating the ticks.

If you’re concerned about the tick population around your Brainerd Lakes Area cabin or home, give Mosquito Squad of North Central Minnesota a call at 218-829-9342 to discuss your mosquito control and tick control solutions.

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